Sunday, December 9, 2007

oh, by the way with our eatingdisorder, im thinking im going to go to the extremes of going not extremes extremes but im going to opt for the healthy optionsfrom now one but not completely eliminate the junk food. like yesterdaysomeone bought lindt chocolates to work!! mmm and i was going to havethe caramel lindt but then i had the 70% cocoa dark chocolateinstead.... heheheoh did i tell you i saw jeremy on saturday when i was on my way towork..? well i was crossing the road and he was in the car and he wavedat me and he had a nose ring and his hair and we weere basically yellingat each other on the road.. and he was just "chillaxing".. PUHLEASE!acting like hes white- frog. and yeah hes coming back on july..and theni saw him again at work yesterday ride his bike past with a mate...anyhoo i spoke to mu mlast night and she might come here for a whileand stay with anna for a few weeks and then coem on the flight with mebakc home and shes all good with me going early


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