Sunday, December 9, 2007

ive moved into the unit and havent got internet and ive been working heaps so havent had much time. ive started work at the cafe in the city, its hok but really hard work, like i had to close the other day which meant i had to do all the washing up for the whole day (took me and hour) and mop and rstock the fridges ect ect, it was a fucking workout! i kinda just mooched about. still tryin to go out with people after work but no money :( hope you get to visit again soon and hopefully we get to do something!! so did you have fun while you were down here? uni is starting to get a bit difficult. ill have to talk to my mum and see what else i can do with my science degree. i really need to go travel or something. oh and this model management want me to do waitressing for them. wearing a crop top and shorts with heels. its $20 an hour. i


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